The Microsoft Lumia 650 Phone Coming Soon on Irish Microsoft store.


The much awaited and rumoured device the Lumia 650 was finally unveiled with mixed reactions from everyone,there was no fanfare for the business orientated device but simply a press release. The reaction has been good and bad and with any device that is to be expected but each to their own and how they portray their feelings. The device is now coming to Ireland and as we also confirmed yesterday ALL MAIN NETWORKS will be stocking the device from early March.

The 650 is already up for pre-order in the UK and typically we do fall sightly behind our neighbours across the water with release dates.On the Irish store now the device has a coming soon status,this status however has not been a favourable one over the years as at times it actually never happened,the same applied to accessories,this time we do know it is coming and it seems in record time too.

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